About US

CASD Properties prides itself on initiating market activity rather then simply responding to it. The company identifies and specifically targets the most likely development alternatives for each commercial opportunity and then methodically plans and develops the project accordingly. Because CASD encompasses the skills of both construction and property management, it is capable of directing projects from inception to long-term management. By capitalizing on its experienced team and detail-oriented approach to business, CASD has continued to achieve its development and management objectives in a variety of markets.


Our principle officers of CASD Properties are as follows

David Frank

David Frank


David, President of CASD Properties, LLC owned by the Frank Family 2012 Irrevocable Trust, started his career in real estate development after attending law school. Mr. Frank’s background in Real Estate development, law, construction, asset and property management, positioned the Company to become one of the leading property management company in Nevada.

Fred Seto

Fred Seto


Frank Family Irrevocable Trust

Fred, Co-Trustee of the Frank Family Irrevocable Trust, began his career in marketing after attending University of Toronto. As a Director of Marketing and Business Development, Fred join the real estate community in 1985. Starting his own real estate company and syndication he had developed many successful real estate investment relationships worldwide. His focus was arranging liquidity for real estate investments. Fred became involved with hotels, shopping centers, and multi-family projects that ranged from $2 million to $30 million.

As part of his real estate portfolio, Fred further developed and invested in other types of businesses that included land acquisition, lending, hospitality, apparel, automotive, and wellness businesses.   His investments into start up entrepreneurship business further expanded his real estate and non-real estate activities.  Fred’s investment holdings are worldwide, including properties located in Beijing (over 500 acres), China, Utah, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Ixtapa (over 120 acres of beachfront property, Mexico, Costa Rica, and 27 Single Family Residences Internationally.  Fred’s hobbies include swimming, fishing, traveling & philanthropic projects.